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Download windows 10 iso for usb install

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Download Windows 11 Disk Image (ISO) · If you want to install Windows 11 directly from the ISO file without using a DVD or USB flash drive, you can do so by. An ISO is a single file containing all Windows 10 installation media. The ISO file can be burned on a USB drive or a DVD drive to make the drive.


Download windows 10 iso for usb install. Download Windows 11


Continued in section Create Windows 10 installation media , you choose Download Tool Now and wait for the software to download. Step 2: After downloading we start the program, press Accept The screen displays the terms of use. Step 4: In the next screen, the software will show you the options to set up for your Windows version such as Language, bit or bit version of Win, please have the correct choice.

Choose where to save the file and wait for the software to download the version of Win 10 you want, depending on the network speed, the time may be fast or long, on average, about 1 hour. After downloading, you can use this ISO file to perform Windows 10 installation in many ways, we will learn more in Part 2 of the article. Sometimes Microsoft download links are blocked in Vietnam or the download speed is too slow, at this time you will need a different download link from the 3rd party.

Here are the latest two versions of Windows 10, downloaded directly from Microsoft and uploaded again for easier downloading. The ISO files above include Windows 10 versions like Home, Pro … you just need to download and select the version during the installation process.

In this article we will learn the common ways to install Windows 10 such as install directly from ISO file, install from USB, hard drive or from disk.. Note that when opening the folder, there must be a file inside setup.

Step 2: Open Command prompt , usually, the way to enter the Command prompt on Win 7 is a little different than Win 8 and Win Note: Sometimes Windows 7 will not load Repair Your Computer So you need to force the machine to do it by turning off the heater with the power button and then restarting and pressing F8, do it again and again when it’s okay. Note: Sometimes the name of the hard drive partition is not the same as the external one you see, you can check with the command line wmic logicaldisk get size,caption in advance to determine.

You can also try the command lines one by one after the drive names until they are correct, no problem. After the Windows installation window appears, proceed to select the language format, time, keyboard and then select Next , then select continue Install now to start the installation process. The system will then force you to enter Product Key , if so, enter otherwise, then choose I don’t have a product key to continue.

Active Win 10 is for later calculation. The screen displays the terms of use, you just need to tick I accept the license terms then press Next is to be. When the partition selection screen appears, select the drive that will contain the operating system, usually it will be drive C. After selecting you click Format to clean the drive and press Next to continue.

At this time, the installation process of Win 10 will take place automatically, the time depends on your configuration. After completing the installation process, the machine will automatically reboot to start the configuration installation process. Continue to choose Use Express settings To set the default settings for Windows, you can choose Customize Settings to personalize, but if not knowledgeable, it is best not to choose. At this point, all steps to install Windows 10 have been completed, you just need to wait until the computer has finished downloading the settings, log in again and comfortably experience the smoothness of Windows When accessing the link, you only need to select the language and version, usually we will choose English and version US.

Then click Next to download the tool. After downloading you install the tool and select Run as administrator to open the tool with administrator privileges.

On the software side you click Browse , browse to the directory containing the ISO file to install. After setup, reboot, press any key, the computer will automatically load the Windows installation program. When the Windows installation screen appears, just follow the same configuration steps as installing Windows using the iOS file from the hard drive, very simple.

Through this article, you probably already have enough information to be able to self Download and install Win 10 in many different ways already. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Skip to content Search for:. IT Tricks Random. September 15, December 6, electrodealpro.

Post Views: 2, Download Windows 10 If you already have an ISO file of Win 10 and only find ways to install it, you can skip right to Part 2 of the article. What to prepare before downloading Windows 10 A strong and stable Internet connection. USB or free space in the drive about 6GB, as much as possible. Select download ISO file Step 4: In the next screen, the software will show you the options to set up for your Windows version such as Language, bit or bit version of Win, please have the correct choice.

Windows Setup Technical Reference. Feedback will be sent to Microsoft: By pressing the submit button, your feedback will be used to improve Microsoft products and services. Privacy policy. Skip to main content. Contents Exit focus mode. Tip If you’re looking for an easy way to create a bootable USB Windows installation drive, use the media creation tool.

Windows 10 install. This drive will be formatted, so make sure it doesn’t have any important files on it. Note If Mark Partition as Active isn’t available, you can instead use diskpart to select the partition and mark it active.


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