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Full-featured IDE to code, debug, test, and deploy to any platform Free download. For future installation, you читать also keep a microsoft visual studio enterprise 2017 iso free copy at Google Drive so that if your hard drive crashes still you can download your own copy micrisoft a specific version online at any time. Reply fast asap! What should i do? I have downloaded 1st part with idm but second part is not downloading. You have to update your code to compile and run it on a newer Visual Studio version. Share via.

One moment, please – Visual Studio 2022 is 64-bit

Microsoft Visual Studio is an entire arrangement of improvement devices for building Web applications, XML Web administrations. Download latest version of Microsoft Visual Studio download, Visual Studio Professional and Visual Studio Enterprise Visual Studio community, professional, enterprise edition ISO file download for Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 supports both the.


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Other Tools, Frameworks, and Redistributables. ARM x64 x Visual Studio Tools for Office Runtime. Microsoft Build Tools Update 3. Visual Studio Full-featured IDE to code, debug, test, and deploy to any platform Free download.

Visual Studio Code. Visual Studio for Mac. And when devenv. NET Framework to. With WPF officially supported in. Plus with all the performance improvements implemented in. NET Core over the years, it seems like a no brainer. Would it be the next big priority after the release? I agree. Performance and stability are the main features needed at the moment.

Mads Kristensen is doing a great job at showing us how to build extensions. Maybe, we can achieve the same result by creating extensions instead of new changes in VS all the time. This way you can focus on making VS compile in. We do this in at least one place ourselves. The COM server implementations, if necessary, could remain in NF and be hosted out of process or rewritten as managed interfaces.

Mostly love it all. Great news! I really, really hope that the classic new project window will return to Studio The version of this one in is just a disaster: inconvenient, slow, confusing. Return it as it was in and earlier, please. How about. NET 6 support in VS ? Will it be supported? I just convinced my boss to buy VS because month ago there were no information about VS including your VS roadmap. VS already supports NET 6. It is the only way to do NET 6 development.

Currently you have to use As for buying VS , yeah been there. Therefore you can upgrade to VS provided it releases before your subscription ends unless you renew.

So it should not be any cost. The first purchase is hideously expensive but yearly renewals are cheap relative. In my experience VS versions tend to release in the last quarter before or the first quarter after the year so I would expect VS to be released anywhere between Nov and Apr But this is entirely a guess.

Yes I know that there are those. NET 6 previews, but the most important thing is, if the final. We came from VS to VS and we planned to switch to something newer than , but from MS there were no information about VS newer than and we need. NET 5 development for our backend so we decided to buy VS month ago. If Visual Studio will support final version of. As Michael points out that through some of the previews of.

Our plan is that VS will be the fully supported matching toolset for. NET 6 preview development. You can directly write that Visual Studio will stuck with. NET 5. NET 6. Microsoft will very disappoint software developers if make Visual Studio stuck on. Please make. Thank you in advance. I agree with Alexey, if we know before that there will be a new version of Visual Studio, we would probably buy less licenses of VS a wait until VS and then buy new licenses and upgrades.

NET 6 should definitely be part of VS And Microsoft should inform developers sooner. Actually, Omnisharp is hurting much more. The devs who are Linux only who try C for the first time right now will probably give up on it and never come back. Odd question, but will the upgraded Github support keep the Github profile image on commits?

I just created one that you can vote on. That will help us prioritize the work sooner. Now that Visual Studio is having a new font. Can we also get support for the Line Height and Line spacing features as we need to adjust font lines and which is supported in visual studio code out of box. This is a feature request for many years and now you guys are doing revamping of visual studio to 64 bit please please do that.

Also support for Bold and italic fonts are also required. As all modern IDEs are supported that our of box except visual studio. It will be in Visual Studio as well. If you have any problems with it, please send us feedback! This is great. Since Visual Studio is moving to bit, why not move to. NET 6 to embrace the performance and overhead improvements?

Will this update be for the current Visual Studio or will it require a separate installation? The new icons look very ugly and old I also hope that the dark theme will be fully supported in version. NET development. Popular Visual Studio team, your work was great. We are waiting to use this wonderful version. Good luck. Locked to 32 bit for 20 years? Hey, you stay in the past, keeping us too. Very long time for evolution, very long. How much more disk space do we need for this version?

And how much bigger are the updates going to be? How much disk space required will vary depending on which workloads are installed. How did you have an update near one GB? The last few updates have been in the range of 1.

Occasionally, the update size is a few hundred megabytes. On my other computer, the same update was 1. I hope that they will fix the installer. Now I can do only 1 update at a time. And I see the same packages being downloaded for VS and Build tools. I want to run the installer, select all updates, and update. Looks great from the perspective of bit and performance improvements, also looking forward to exploring MAUI in detail via VS However, from reading the comments here , I really hope DevOps integration does not become a thing of the past.

It does feel there is a pull to GitHub and that means a big adjustment for us. Do you have a plan to add Blazor isolated CSS intellisense support? But please make sure you keep full support for VB. Hope VB will always be supported. Some people like to code in C because they learned Java , others use F , and others prefer VB like me.

Never stop VB. Create a new VB team if necessary and give them the means. It would be best if there is a version of Xamarin in VB, but, I think that would be like asking for the moon. I dream!! It will improve performance when compiling, opening and working with solutions.

I have not observed failure. However, many times the first copy, even if a few characters, blue donuts galore. No idea what the reason is. It is not a hardware issue or system memory issue.

I have the same behavior on two totally different computer systems. All of the development team has blue donuts and even crashes with Visual Studio , regardless of how simple the action is. Not seen this at all.

And let us never speak of VS But I would be happy if VS also had the option of upgrading from VS to VS and not just having the option of reinstalling the new generation.

In my opinion, when VS is officially available, the installer should receive an update no reinstallation of the installer for VS , with which VS is added to the overview of all editions.

In addition, in the overview of the installed version, there should be an upgrade option from VS to VS without just reinstalling VS So, the IDE is not getting fluent design system elements? The productivity gain in having a visual designer is immense.

I agree completely. To me this is one of the primary reasons why desktop development stagnated the last few years. I believe that to be the case anyway. I also agree. The original WinForm designer was groundbreaking. All the designers since have sucked! Leave it to MS to create something revolutionary…then, instead of evolving it to be even better, spend a couple of decades moving in the wrong direction. I find myself constantly switching back and forth between visual design, markup like XAML , and this command-line nonsense that belongs back in the pre-PC days.

That will accelerate new app development in the real sense. You can run Visual Studio Code on Linux, you can develop. NET 6 applications with the. Right now there is inconsistent experience where editor content is zoomed, while all other is tiny. Currently after make change to single file out of many , all files are compiled, which is often very slowly.

This is similar to Hot Reload, but for compiling. This will simplify writing extensions and increase speed. In general, changing the values in the Display Settings to apply a uniform scaling to everything. Both ways are availabe in Windows, but can be integrated into VS to get better results:. While global DPI can be changed, but this is tedious and distracting.

When VS run in full screen mode, then user can artifically decrease size of screen using keys , so only part of VS will be visible, but this part will be magnified. Then user can move his view using mouse moves. This is similar to system application Magnifier, but will work without running Magnifier. Switching from VS to other app cause return from view, and switching back to VS, will bring view back, at position when VS was before switch.

It makes sense… and I was chatting with the Program Manager who headed up the process to get Visual Studio to handle different DPIs at the same time about this. Since those already existed, it seemed like there were other features that would provide more value as opposed to integration with existing tools. Make sense?

Lets make a 64bit VS. MS Rest of team: Oh, that sounds useful. Okay lets do it. Why a company use such a new tech that support less platform than UniApp or Election or Flutter? And a Question: Why Visual Studio still using. I mean with. Me, I prefer VB and I want the same functionnalities and robust support for every language. Everybody must find happyness with Visual Studio. I always saw with all news versions many issues with ReportViewer. NET Core is a major blocker for migrating for most of the apps I work on.

Support for SSRS reports in. Is there any product manager that could chase the SQL Server team for a response? Honestly none of these new features mean anything until you manage to make Visual Studio faster. Half my co-workers are switching to JetBrains Rider because it already has a lot of these features, a better designed UI and is more performant. The discovery and deployment story is abysmal. Even though these visualizers are intended to be used with Visual Studio, there is no defined way to visually integrate them with VS themes and controls.

As the author of 3 visualizers and counting — for expression trees , ANTLR4 parse trees , and DateTime — I urge you to consider updating the development story, to be at least on par with other VS extensions. C will never compete effectively with Python and other languages if its primary IDE cannot easily visualize data.

What, in your opinion, does FiraCode do better than Cascadia? I used FiraCode myself for a while until I got told about Cascadia. I wanted to try out Cascadia Code, but switched immediately back to Fira Code as it was much clearer and easier for me to read. NET 5 is slowing down your agility — again to allow you to develop a cross-platform UI stack like Flutter.

I think the Radzen model is beginning to shine in this way, if only something like this were baked into VS. MS are historically very adept at using there own technology in the applications they build. VS should be no exception. Great news about the 64 bit version. A long time ago I ask to VS support… So, immense gratitude for having listened to me and not ending the VS year in an odd number.

Can i close VS for you to save your computer memory? Please support classic asp with tooling and intellisense. I can usually open the file manually, and do a text string search faster than intellisense can find it. Because Microsoft are trying to kill off MFC. Right now they only work with packaged applications, but it is planned for them to work with unpackaged applications by the end of the year. But what about Azure DevOps? It feels like all the attention is going to Github.

Sln is extremely unfriendly for editing. Moving a project from platform dependent to AnyCPU requires tons of work. Keep integration with MFC apps. Make porting MFC to cross platform easy. Make sure compile times are not too long. Will there also be a more flexible configuration for companies? Currently its very hard to deliver a company-wide configuration userdefined workloads other than the ones delivered by MS.

For every user in our company I have to write a document to install extensions and create the necessary settings. It would be really good to have settings that can be delivered next to a solution like Directory.

Thanks for the feedback Martin, we have something that might help a bit. You can add a. It can also be used as part of a command line install. Out of curiosity do you manage VS installs for a company? Thanks Andy. We are already using. We need something like a solution wide. The settings can already be imported and exported, but it would be good to place these settings as. We need configuration possiblities for solutions.

Currently the. Also here we want to improve the initial setup time. Sure, you can document all thoses settings and let the user to the things, but my experience shows me that people do not read the docs and flooding the help desk with unnecessary question.

So my choice is prevent over document by configuring things in advance. I just hope, it works. I say this, as I wanted to use Visual Basic, and version would not work and would not even download correctly and install, I had to install the version that worked no problem. My only question, based on stuff I have read recently, does the version include Visual Basic? You can select the workloads when installing VS, or any other specific individual component from the installer.

Thanks for this info. Hi, I find this sad and hard to believe. Sure, some versions were better than others… but they all worked. I mainly develop Windows Desktop applications. What kind of projects do you develop? VS will only run on Windows and we have no plans to migrate it to Linux at this time. The first bit Visual Studio was actually released 21 years ago.

When I was young-ish. The original bit Visual Studio is old enough to drink now. I do not know. It was great feature. Thanks for reply. We are working to update the underlying FTP stack that we use. We are hoping to get the update included in Preview 2, but if we run into issues it may be delayed.

In version that option diappears. At least for me. But if you are able to do it, will you please share with me how 😕 I have updated VS , version They are working with VS still, even though it has been deprecated long ago.

There are some legacy stuff that we are still supporting for VS and are concerned about whether this finally means their end. This is great! Looking forward to 64 bit! Hilarious about all the people bitching about it running on. Will it come with patch update?!. Any chance that the subscription format also could change? Tools like Live Unit Testing and Code Coverage are useful during the development but not everybody are ready to pay for the enterprise edition.

I will be happy if a solution with about 8k lines of total code across a handful of projects loads instantly on my existing development machine.

I am not asking for anything more in bit VS. So it will be generally available sometime in ? This update will boost my productivity beyond mars…. The developer community has long wanted the IDE to become 64 bit. Perhaps this is the most important innovation. I wish the development team continued success! I like how the IDE is evolving at least in the context of. Then no package-fetching problems will be caused. Thank you Microsoft, with respect!

It’s worth noting than we will only accept official links from any certified Microsoft-owned website. As of today there are no offline installers for VS yet, hence we’ll put the Web Installer link here hoping that it will be enough for you.

In case you really need it, you can also create an offline installer manually using this official guide.

December 17, November 22, November 22, November 14, January 22, Since it’s also a lead designer for many App and games for Android, iOS and Windows Phone mobile devices for a number of italian companies.


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