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Windows 10 calculator missing after sysprep free download. can i convert my lancer oz rally to a lancer evo?

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MCEStaff This person is a verified professional. Verify your account to enable IT peers to see that you are a professional. Windows 10 expert. It is definitely a POST-install task. View this “Best Answer” in the replies below ».

Popular Topics in Windows Which of the following retains the information it’s storing when the system power is turned off?

Submit ». Evan Aug 1, at UTC. If Microsoft Store access in a managed environment is disabled by an IT administrator, end-users will not be able to update the Microsoft Store apps. To generalize an image, you have to first boot into Audit Mode. Boot a PC into Audit Mode.

You can choose to either close the System Preparation Tool window or allow it to remain open. Customize Windows by adding drivers, changing settings, and installing programs. Do not install any Microsoft Store apps using the Microsoft Store. Use Sysprep from Command Prompt. See Sysprep command-line options to see available options. After the computer shuts down, capture your image with DISM.

Deploy this image to a reference computer. When the reference computer boots, it displays the OOBE screen. If you use multiple unattend files during your computer deployment, you can add the following settings to your each of your unattend files so Windows Setup will generalize the PC after processing the unattend file.

Sysprep Command-Line Options. The computer will automatically restart and boot to the Audit Mode. Windows 10 automatically boots and logs in with the built-in administrator account when in the Audit Mode. Further, this account will be disabled. Windows 10 will boot in this mode no matter how many times you rebooted your computer until the Sysprep is running.

Do not close the Sysprep utility window—you will need it at the end of the configuration step. Minimize it. In Audit Mode, you can configure your Windows 10 reference image. We will take a look at several popular steps that sysops configuring in their reference image most often.

You can set your company branded info in the computer properties windows. The easiest way to configure these settings is through the registry. Create a text file oem. To apply the reg file, double-click on it, and accept registry changes. As a result, these settings will be imported into the registry. You can install drivers and third-party programs you would like to see in your Windows 10 image. You can install programs manually, or using the integrated Windows 10 package manager— Chocolatey.

Now install the Chocolatey. To do this, run the PowerShell console with administrator privileges. Enter the following commands:. Run the command:. You can find packages by their names with the command choco search opera. You can also install drivers for all computers and laptops models on which you want to deploy this reference Windows 10 image.

Download and extract the driver packages to a specific directory. If you need to reboot the Windows to install the application or update, you can do it. After reboot, the system will return to audit mode. You can clean up your driver repository from driver duplicates using our script. Windows 10 collects information about the operation of users on the computer.

Examples of handwriting and voice samples, location information, error reports, calendar contents—all of these can be sent to Microsoft servers. Run the elevated Command prompt, and execute the following commands:.

Starting with Windows 8. If not, the update is not performed. Save the PSWindowsUpdate.



Windows 10 calculator missing after sysprep free download

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